Friday, September 23, 2005

Preparing for Rita

As I write this Hurricane Rita is starting to beat on Port Arthur TX. Its already overwhelmed a levee in New Orleans and its not expected to hit shore until tonight. Now we are in the Dallas Fort Worth area a good 360 miles northwest of Port Arthur. But we are still looking at rain from this storm. Yesterday when it looked like it was going to hit Galveston the projections put Rita right over us Saturday/Sunday still as a Category 1 hurricane. We prepared for the worst.
I gassed everything up and secured all projectiles. The generator was dug out and cranked up after sitting for a year or so. The lanterns were oiled up, white gas supply was checked for the Coleman lantern, extra propane was acquired and Toby was given a full charge.
Toby a charge? Normally doing storm preparation does not involve a railroad like this except for securing things that might get airborne. Toby is an engine that can come in handy when power is lost. Toby is my last line of defense in a power outage. Toby is a battery powered engine that has 225AH (amp/hours) of 12 Volts in it. Enough to run a TEC cooler for a while. So if everything goes in the tank I still have a 12 supply to run off of.
Be Prepared, My Eagle Scout medal is not just jewelry.
Well anyway it now looks like Rita is going to miss us and we might get some rain out of it. Bring on the rain! WE NEED IT!


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