Monday, August 15, 2005

Weekend of track work

I dove into the rebuild of the switch knowing that it needs to be operational for Thomas' birthday party. Well I still don't have it done! And of course in the middle of all this the Steam engine arrives Sat. So Figuring out how to get it onto the track from the back of a Suburban took precedent over the switch. I wish I had the switch done by then it would have made the unload a bit easier.
I will have the switch operable tonight. Though a new switch machine is in order I will get to that later.
Thomas has been sitting on the steam engine in the back yard imagining himself running it. Sunday I hooked up the air compressor to it and showed him how to run it back and forth on the spur. I think he realizes its far more complicated to run than he imagined, and we did not even cover boiler operations.


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